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December 4, 2017

How Do I Become An Effective Digital Marketer In 6 Months?

This is one of the questions I used to ask often, and after sending a bunch of emails, DM’s, attending conferences, and searching for the right mentor over the years, I decided to provide some visibility around what’s been shared with me.

As a Digital Marketer, your main goal is to steal attention.

How do I do that, might you ask?

Whether driving a consumer to our website, getting them to return, or triggering an action like purchasing a product, our duty is to create an experience that simplifies their decision-making process. Therefore, one can say that the foundation of Marketing is really about helping people.

Don’t believe me? 🙂

Before moving forward, I’d recommend reading Why I Am Not An Influencer by Dennis Yu (CTO, BltzMetrics). Dennis takes time out to share why adding value is the single important aspect of marketing and influence.

Dennis Yu (CTO, BlitzMetrics)

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