Are you in search of tangible results?

During our Power Hour we:
Review your assets to see what’s working and what may need some work.
Dive into your campaigns to evaluate ad performance and identify places you could improve.
Make suggestions for moving forward based on your goals, content, and targeting.

Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts. With everything in the industry always changing, it can be hard to keep up, especially when you’re trying to run all the other aspects of a company.

A Power Hour will help you get things in alignment for optimal conversions. We’ll walk through anything you may have concerns about, and even identify necessary changes that can improve your results.

Before the Power Hour, you’ll define your goals, content, and target audience for us to review. Submitting this information helps me get a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve so that we can focus more on how to move forward during our meeting.

Once that’s taken care of, we’ll set a time to go over anything you’d like to discuss. We’ll record both the audio and any shared screens so you can have a record of our meeting.

You can leverage McKenzy’s 10+ years of creative & marketing experience and save yourself weeks or months of making mistakes because of a misguided strategy.

You’re in good company!

Join thousands of satisfied people who have worked with me globally.
  • “Mack is an incredible addition to any team. He is extremely knowledgeable about the production process, directly collaborative and keeps programs on track, and on point. A strong multi-tasker with a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude, Mack thrives in dynamic environments where fluidity is key. On top of all that, he’s a person you can count on to always have your back. Having Mack on your team will ensure success is achieved.”

    - Jennifer Stern, Corporate Marketing Executive

  • “Over the last year, I spent most of my time working closely with Mack. He caught on fast and was very patient with all the contending points of view. Mack is a great team member and got along with everyone in the department. He’s technically savvy, smart, very well-connected in the industry (he was probably our best recruiter too!) — and probably the most loyal guy I know. It was a pleasure working with Mack. I’d do it again in an instant.”

    - Chuck Williams, Chief Creative Officer (Feature Films)

  • “McKenzy was a critical resource at Dynamite Films. He is a friendly, approachable and deeply effective manager.

    - Gerald Caine, Owner at Dynamite Films